Fire service

Explaining what we do, our objectives and how we aim to help members of the local community alongside the Fire and Rescue Service are arguably just words on a page. The challenge is bringing those actions to life.

The reality is a Fire and Rescue Service will take thousands of emergency calls each year, many of which have no relation to residential or commercial property, fires or floods. In all these cases, the post incident support service EDM provides will not be relevant. There will, however, be a small proportion of emergency calls where people and property are significantly affected. It is with this low volume where EDM can have a high impact with “post incident support”

How important do you feel it is to gain advice at that particular time?

“Vital- the incident commander said there was a support service available called EDM and would I like to talk to them and I’m very pleased we did”.

“Invaluable- as we had never had anything like this happen to us so we were so grateful to have someone there in person and see a friendly face and advise us as to what to do next”.

 Would you recommend EDM for anyone in a similar situation?

“100%!! Genuinely wouldn’t have known what to do without the assistance given.”

Is there anything EDM did particularly well?  

“EDM were faultless, they were there over the phone to advise and reassure us when we needed it most as we had no idea what to do next and were in shock”